Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday stamps II - 4

For this week's 'famous people/portraits' theme, I have an fdc with the set for the death centenary of Alfred, Lord Tennyson (wiki link), issued 10 March 1992.  As his death date was actually 6 October (according to wiki), the stamp issue in March seems a little premature.

The artwork which is intermingled with Tennyson's portrait is -

I'm linking with Sunday Stamps II hosted by Violet Sky at 'See it on a Postcard'.
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  1. I love pre-Raphaelite artworks. I would like to see more stamps about them.
    Anyway, this set is rather original!

  2. I had not seen these before and now am wondering what is the connection between Tennyson and those particular paintings. Do you or anyone know?

    1. I think the art has a connection with Tennyson's poetry, eg 'April Love' has a connection with 'The Miller's Daughter' - I only know this from googling :)

  3. Brilliant art pieces! I am heading over to google who this is

  4. Wow, these are really tremendous stamps!

  5. This is certainly an interesting combination - and composition! It seems so other-worldy, or ghostly!
    I also much prefer him sans beard.

  6. I like the combination of portrait and painting fragments.


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