Monday, 22 April 2013

dark and light

Maybe the back of the camera was opened slightly before the film was fully rewound, I don't know for sure. These young men are outside the York House Hotel, although I don't know the town.  The date is thought to be the late 1920s.

Edit: thanks to Rob from Amersfoort for finding the York House Hotel at Eastbourne.  Brilliant detective work!


  1. That certainly is one odd and charming photo all in one.

  2. In thinking about this photo some more, I am curious if the photographer actually tried to create something very different. Quite interesting either way.

  3. Never seen that actually makes for a cool to play in photoshop lol

  4. I say Eastbourne. And there is a nice lighthouse too :-).

    1. Thanks Rob, fantastic detective work, yes it looks like that hotel. I have a small bundle of these snaps (which came from the same person), most of which are of holidays, but not all the same holiday/location, so we may well find some more that are Eastbourne. Funny how the lighthouse turned up - that's Beachy Head, which was on a stamp I posted yesterday.
      Thank you :)

  5. That looks exactly like what has happened. Sad to say, I did that a few times in the old days.


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