Monday, 16 July 2012

'The Bugle Sounds'

. . . was the film showing at this cinema in India.  The film was released in 1942 and starred Wallace Beery and Marjorie Main, and it was the film's title and the surnames of the stars that I could just make out when I zoomed in on this snapshot.  
So the film dates the photo to c1944 (presuming films took a while to get to India), but I'm not sure of the location of the cinema.  The photo came in a small lot which includes  other snapshots of India, some of which are identified and so with a bit more 'research' it might be possible to name the place.
Here's the wiki link for the film and you can watch a theatrical trailer here on youtube.


  1. Kind of an interesting deco design in India. Wasn't Marjorie Main Ma Kettle?

  2. I hadn't heard of Wallace Beery or Marjorie Main.
    But I do like the building.


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