Tuesday, 12 June 2012

On the 12th June

in 1912, Amy Evelyn Burke married John Reginald Turner at St Andrew's church, Bulmer in Essex, and an announcement appeared in The Times (newspaper).  The above card and photos of the church (below) are stuck on one side of an orphaned album page.  

Then there is this remnant of a note written by Evelyn Burke on 16th July 1912. (Though I wonder if that is the same 'Evelyn Burke' as the 'Amy Evelyn' who got married, as the surname Burke is still being used in July 1912, maybe that is why July has been underlined).

I don't know who the album page belonged to, but there are more photos on the other side and one which may be of this wedding, sadly no names have been written beside it.
Amy Evelyn Burke was one of 10 children born to Lieut Col. Walter St George Burke and his wife Mary Ann.  By the time of this marriage, he was retired and the family lived in Bulmer.  
I'll post more of the photos tomorrow.


  1. I wonder how long they were married, or do you think a 100 year anniversary celebration is happening now? ;-) Strange to think this was just 2 months after the Titanic sinking.

  2. I hadn't registered it as being 2 months since the Titanic, maybe that is why they honeymooned in the UK (we will get to the honeymoon photo later, which may or may not be the bride and groom, but it is right date/time-wise).


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