Monday, 23 April 2012

a day out . . .

probably on a weekend, in the 1950s, in England.
Scanned negative, which is so much easier when there is something like a number plate to show you have the photo the correct way round.


  1. Good point there. I haven't scanned any negatives...yet,so I hadn't thought of that.

  2. Shiny side up in a negative scan! Though it can be somewhat problematic if the emulsion is wearing thin.

    The young man is very dapper here. Do you think this is a family traveling, with the kids posing and the parents off to the side?

  3. Steven, I should have asked you before I started scanning ;)
    sometimes the negatives curve a little and sit better one way on the scanner bed than the other, but I have found that the ones with wording are usually the wrong way round, so it looks like I need to invert them all.
    The lady who took the photos wasn't married and was an only child, so these children must be those of a friend, I think the car is hers. I have no idea who the children are.


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